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Looking for care or support?

Lots of people need help, perhaps because they are older, disabled or have a long term health condition. You might be looking for help to get out and about, get washed or dressed, manage your garden, meet friends, pursue hobbies or to work. All the supports on this site are run by local people for local people and on a very small scale. They usually offer care and support in really flexible (and often unusual) ways, at times and in ways that suit you. There are people who can support you whatever your financial circumstances. You might be looking for the kind of help that doesn’t cost money or be planning to pay from your own pocket. You might be getting financial help from your local council or health authority and perhaps have a Personal Budget.

Looking to tell people about the great service or support you offer?

Lots of people offer help to other people in their local community. They might do this as a good neighbour, as a volunteer or on a paid basis. The Small Good Stuff directory is free and offers individuals and small organisations or groups a chance to tell people what they offer. It brings together all the people doing something similar into one place and works on the principle that …

Together we can change the way things are done

More and more people recognise that the best care and support comes when the people on the receiving end take control of how and where it happens. Increasingly people are taking control, making their own arrangements and sometimes using their own money or a personal budget to pay if this is needed. Slowly but surely this is leading to real change in the way people get care and support – and that can only be a good thing! We know that once people take control they want a choice from supports that are as different as they are. We know that with a bit of help there are local people and groups who can offer what people need. Small Good Stuff is trying to bring the two parts of this jigsaw together.