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Care Quality Commission Declare Your Care campaign: Case study recruitment

CQC  would like to hear from you about your experiences of raising concerns about care. They are keen to show stories from a diverse range of people – including people working in health and social care settings.

The new campaign focuses on why people have been prevented from voicing their concerns about care they have received and what has happened when they did speak up. CQC will highlight the importance of sharing experiences of care and will give advice on why and how to raise concerns about care that you or a loved one has received. Research will have a strong focus on people that have received mental health support and will include findings for the population groups:
• Children and young people, their parents/ carers
• People with long term conditions
• People with learning disabilities
• Black and minority ethnic population

The campaign aims to:
• Raise awareness of CQC and their role in inspecting and regulating health and social care services
• Encourage people to share their experiences of care with CQC to help their ongoing monitoring of services
• Highlight that the CQC inspection reports and ratings can help people make informed decisions when choosing care
• Encourage people to speak up when the have concerns with their care

How you can help
To support the campaign, CQC are looking for people who would be happy to share their recent experience of raising a concern. CQC are looking for people with a range of experience – and in particular, are keen to hear
your concerns, or as a parent or carer, with accessing help or support for a mental health issue and using mental health services.
Experience could include:
• People who are in the process of, or have raised a recent concern about their care or a loved one – who wants to share their advice and tips with other people
• People who have raised a concern and about the care/a love one received which resulted in a positive impact and want to share the importance of speaking up – to help themselves/ loved one and others
• CQC are also interested to hear from any health and social care professionals who is in the process of, or has raised a concern for themselves or a loved one – and their experience of navigating through the system.

Written stories
CQC will develop a shortlist of case study stories. If you are shortlisted you will be interviewed and a summary of your experience will be written up. This will be shared with you for approval and once approved, offered to magazines and other consumer media as supporting material. CQC would like to include photos to accompany each written piece. The campaign would launch in February and run throughout 2019.

CQC would like to film short video clips (1 minute) with approx. three people, talking about their experiences and advice for other people. These short films would be shared with you for approval, and once approved, feature on the CQC website, shared on social media and with consumer media. You can view how CQC used case studies in previous campaigns here.

Getting in touch
If you are interested in participating, either with a written story or participating in a filmed interview, please email with the following information:
Name, age, where you are from and a short summary of your experiences, highlighting anything you think would be particularly interesting to other people who may be exploring how best to raise a concern. In your summary please can you include:
• Your name, age and where in the country you are from
• What your concern was about and when you had it – e.g. in the last 2 months or a year ago
• If you complained / raised your concern and if so how and with who, and what the subsequent action was
• If not, what prevented you from speaking-up at the time? E.g. you didn’t know how or didn’t think your complaint would make any difference
• What advice you may give to people in your position? E.g. raising concerns can have a positive impact on care
Please also provide your availability for filming over the next couple of weeks. Filming is likely to take place in your own home.
If you are interested in participating or would like any further information please contact:

Posted on 21st February 2019 in Miscellaneous

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