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Guidance for charities with a connection to a non-charity

A new guidance document has been published by the Government specifically for charities with a connection to a non-charity and applies to both trustees of charities connected to a non-charity and for organisations setting up as a charity that have this type of connection.

The document details how to manage and review your charity’s connection to a non-charity and applies to a wide range of connections between charities and non-charities. It applies to your charity if it:

  • has set up and owns a trading subsidiary
  • has been set up by the non-charity, for example: corporate foundations, or charities set up by social enterprises, campaigning organisations, or government or local authorities
  • gets regular funding or support from the non-charity
  • gives regular funding to the non-charity, for example: grant makers who regularly fund a non-charity; charities set up to support the activities of a non-charity, such as charities with a link to an NHS Trust, or other ‘friends of’ charities
  • works regularly with a non-charity to deliver services, campaigns or other projects
  • has a non-charity as trustee, or where the non-charity can appoint some of the trustees
  • has a non-charity as its sole or significant member

Read the full document here


Posted on 15th April 2019 in Reports and articles