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Hospital passport for people with a learning disability who are going into hospital

The hospital passport is designed for people with a learning disability and includes helpful information about their illness and healthcare. It can be be given to hospital staff when they get to hospital.

The passport asks things like:

  • What you like/dislike
  • How much physical contact you’re OK with
  • What your favourite drink is
  • What your hobbies are

People with a learning disabilities can take the passport with them when they go into hospital. The passport tells the doctors and nurses that they should make a copy and put the copy in with the person’s hospital notes.

If the person is going to be an in-patient, and stay in the hospital overnight, the hospital passport should hang at the end of the bed so that anyone treating them can take a look at it.

Download your hospital passport here

TheĀ  passport was produced by the South West London Access to Acute Group and was based on original work by the Gloucester Partnership NHS Trust.

Posted on 18th March 2020 in Resources

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