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Join the older people’s network in Central Bedfordshire

The Central Bedfordshire Older People’s Network seeks to promote the inclusion and integration of older people living in the various communities of Central Bedfordshire, to promote equality of access to information and services, to promote a positive attitude to ageing and to promote an enhanced quality of life for older people.

The network is open to all and Central Bedfordshire Council would welcome your support to help get it right.

Why be a member of the network?
Would you like to:

  • be actively involved and have your say in how we manage and develop our services?
  • inform decisions we make in respect of care services for older people?
  • ensure that the needs and lifestyle choices of older people living in Bedfordshire are met?
  • be valued by making a meaningful contribution to your local area?
  • make a difference to the quality of life for older people?
  • strengthen the voice of older people in the planning and development of services?
  • help improve and deliver our services?

If you are an older person living in Central Bedfordshire or you may represent a group who works with older people and your answer is ‘yes’ to all or some of the above the group would like to hear from you.

Find out more and join here

Posted on 10th February 2020 in Events

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