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Looking for care and support?

Do you need a little bit of extra help, perhaps because you are older, disabled or have a long term health condition? Looking for a person or people who might be able to offer the help that you need?

It doesn’t really matter what you need – it could be personal care, help with your home or garden, to get out and about, support to meet friends, pursue hobbies or to work.

All the services and supports on this site are run by local people for local people and on a very small scale. They usually offer care and support in really flexible (and often unusual) ways, at times that suit you and with an emphasis on putting people first.

Small Good Stuff is helping these folks by giving them the opportunity to let people know about the service and supports they can offer. At the same time Small Good Stuff is trying to help people like you to find the right kind of service or support in their area.

It is important to be aware that just because a provider is on this site, this does not mean that they have been accredited or approved in any way by Small Good Stuff. See the small print stuff below for a bit more information about what this means in practice.

We recommend that before you use or buy service or support from any provider on this site you check them out first. You are purchasing services or support directly from them so you need to be sure they will do want you want in the way that you want it.

The questions you’ll need to ask and the things you’ll need to find out will be personal to you and your circumstances. That said we’ve thought of a few things that might help to get you started:

  • How do you know the provider is going to be reliable? What is their track record? Can you get references from other people they have supported or professionals? Is their enterprise sustainable? Do they have a plan so that everything runs smoothly in an emergency?
  • How does the provider ensure the safety of the people that they support? Do they do proper risk assessments? Do they have policies (and use them!) on things like health and safety, safeguarding and abuse? Has the provider and their workers had a criminal records (DBS) check?
  • Does the provider and their workers have the skills they need to deliver the services and supports they offer? What training have people done? What qualifications have they got? Do they have a training policy and programme that ensures people’s skills and knowledge are kept up to date?
  • What are everyone’s rights and responsibilities in the arrangement? Is there are contract that you’ll both have to sign that will clearly set out who will do what, when, where and how? How much will you have to pay and how will this happen in practice?
  • How will the provider ensure that the information they have about you is kept confidential? Do they have policies on confidentiality and data protection? Do they and their workers use these policies in practice?
  • How will the provider find out whether or not you are happy with the service? (and do something about it if you’re not happy!) What happens if things go wrong? Does the provider have a complaints procedure which tells you how your complaint will be dealt with and where you can get independent advice?
  • If the provider is helping you with your personal care (e.g. bathing, dressing, using the toilet, taking medication) in the place where you live, are they registered with the Care Quality Commission? and if not why not?

Small print stuff

Small Good Stuff cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the information provided by any provider on this site. We cannot guarantee quality or satisfaction if you decide to use of the services of any provider on this site and we will not arbitrate or participate in resolving any dispute that you may have with any provider on this site.