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New approaches to reduce the burden on traditional care services

The fragile care market will collapse unless councils act quickly says former Minister of State for Care Services, Paul Burstow, in an article written for the Guardian Social Care Network.

In his article Paul reflects on the pressures in the domiciliary and residential care markets and looks at the new approaches being taken by two councils, Shropshire and North Tyneside, to front-end social care to try and reduce the burden on traditional services.

Both of these councils have redesigned the front-end of their services to make sure that every contact they have with their public counts.

Paul says: By getting information and support as soon as they contact social care services, people will stay healthier and less dependent for longer, reducing the demands on an increasingly fragile market. Not only do these approaches have the potential to catch people before they reach crisis point, informed people and families make better choices about the care they need.  However Paul also warns this does not remove the urgent need to address the fragility of the care market – and the risk of collapse and crisis that represents.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Posted on 21st September 2015 in Reports and articles