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New report from Community Catalysts on the information people need to make care choices

A new report called Choice making pathways in social care and support has just been launched by Community Catalysts, the folks behind Small Good Stuff.  This report is based on the findings of a research study carried out by Community Catalysts in partnership with the University of Leeds.  The research study had a focus on information people need to make care choices, where they get it from and the barriers they face.

Key findings were:
• The most common source of information was family or friends
• Only a small number of respondents accessed online information
• Lack of information was a key barrier for people
• Availability of services; cost; and provider influenced people’s choices
• Cost, eligibility, and difficulty in understanding funding processes and social care systems were also barriers for people

Please click here to find out more and click here to download the report.


Posted on 3rd February 2016 in Community Catalysts, Reports and articles