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What support do micro business owners need in 2014 and beyond?

16th September 2014

A thought provoking blog from Cobweb which looks critically at the current business supports that are available to very small businesses and which makes some alternative recommendations on the support that very small businesses need. Another blog from Cobweb on similar territory which looks at the good, the bad and the indifferent world of business advice might also be worth a read. Read more

Commissioning better outcomes for all : the hidden wealth at the margins

16th September 2014

Really interesting blog from Dr Sarah Carr  which highlights the important contribution that local specialist and community-based support can make to a wider range of choices and better outcomes for people who feel larger, mainstream services are not suitable or accessible. Sarah is one of the people involved in a University of Birmingham research project on community-based micro providers in … Read more

Toolkits on creating inclusive communities for disabled people

16th September 2014

Disabled people face barriers in their everyday lives that prevent them from being full and active members of their community. The Accessible Britain Challenge wants to encourage communities to become more inclusive and accessible. To help with this, toolkits have been produced with advice for organisations and individuals to help disabled people become full and active participants … Read more