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Guide for Start-up Community Enterprises

Community Catalysts (the folks who run Small Good Stuff) help people who want to set up very small community organisations that provide care or support. They work directly with a number of local authorities or organisations across the UK to help them to set up a local support agency where very small social care enterprises can get the help, advice and information they need to get going and to be sustainable. If you are based in one of the areas where Community Catalysts are funded to do this work, we can signpost you to your local Coordinator who will be able to provide you with individual advice. Please contact to find out if there is a support agency in your area.

Community Catalysts has also produced a manual which provides basic information for people interested in setting up a very small community enterprise that offers care or support. It provides up-to-date information about the way adult social care is changing, and how you can play a part. It gives practical help and advice about forging links with the local authority and the community you operate in, and long-term assistance to ensure a successful enterprise with future security. At the start it answers very basic questions including:

  • What are micro services?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What type of services do I want to offer?