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Peer Network

Sometimes when running your own enterprise, group or activity it would be useful to be able to contact someone who really understands your perspective and the issues you are facing. Small Good Stuff gives you the opportunity to do just that by linking you with other community providers all over the country. You might have something in common with other community providers because you:

  • Work in the same area
  • Deliver the same type of service e.g. dance groups or homecare
  • Have customers with similar needs e.g. people with autism
  • Are both facing similar problems or issues
  • Have already tackled an issue or found a solution to a problem that others might find useful
  • Have resources that could be shared e.g. space in a venue, a policy or a piece of equipment

You might want to use that link to:

  • Get an answer to a question
  • Share documents or resources
  • Get support or advice
  • Share ideas and opportunities

Please register  to become a member of Small Good Stuff and opt into Peer Networking if you wish to use this resource – membership is free of charge.