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Resource Library

Small Good Stuff has developed what we hope is a really useful library for people and very small organisations who offer supports and care. The library is in 3 main parts:

  • Guidance on running your enterprise or venture which includes template documents which you can adapt. The guidance covers everything from confidentiality to data protection.
  • A resource library of documents and resources with categories as diverse as marketing, co-production, legislation, business planning and quality. Each category contains documents and resources (written by other folks) and links to useful organisations and websites. Some categories also contain information and guidance written by Community Catalysts on issues specific to very small organisations who provide care and support.
  • A series of videos and webinars produced by other people but all hopefully relevant and easily accessible in one place. Broad topics include tax, marketing, regulation, business planning and models, data protection and training.

The resource library also contains a link to on-line social care jargon buster developed by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP).

Members can access the library free of charge.

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