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Writing about your service – Key Tips

1. Consider your audience.

Think about who your written piece is aimed at – put yourself in their shoes and write in a way them might appeal to them.

2. Find your own voice.

As a micro-provider, you want your service to reflect you and what you offer. What you offer is really special so you don’t want to sound like everyone else. And you definitely don’t want to sound like every other big care provider.

3. Let your values shine.

You know that strong values are important and always respect people, keep their personal information confidential, challenge prejudice or discrimination and generally put people first. Let people know you have strong values that won’t be compromised and that they are in evidence in everything you do.

4. Be positive.

The thing that makes micro-providers different to other providers is their ‘can do’ attitude, willingness to get to know people, forge relationships and go that extra mile. Whatever you write has to be positive and show your good points.

5. Avoid jargon and keep it simple.

Generally the jargon used in the care world is not the kind of language most of us would use in the real world. Try and write in clear and simple language that ordinary people will quickly and easily understand.