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Our names are Kevin and Mandy Rackley. We have been running a small care home for over 30 years and have up to five adults with learning disabilities living in our own home with us. We also have two staff who help out when we need them. We provide care but also support, and transport if needed, for people to get out and about to do the things they want to do.

Our current residents are all now over 50, but we also have worked with younger adults, particularly for respite breaks.

Everyone has their own bedroom which they can have decorated as they wish. Two of these rooms have a shower room or bathroom attached and we also have three more separate bathrooms and toilets. We have a comfortable sitting and dining room which looks out onto our large back garden. The residents are free to come and go around the home as they wish and also choose what time they want to go to bed or get up in the mornings.

We also have a dog called Sollie. He is a cross springer spaniel/border collie. Our residents came with us to choose him when he was a tiny puppy and they chose his name and all love to play ball with him and cuddle up with him. He is a big part of the home.

Our residents all enjoy busy lives, going out to do lots of different things during the day or doing things at home when they choose to. They enjoy going out to do things such as horse riding and carriage driving, swimming, bowling, going to the cinema and the theatre and going shopping.

When they are home they sometimes just want to spend some quiet time listening to their music or watching TV or DVDs. They can do this on their own rooms if they wish, or in the sitting room where everyone can enjoy time together if they want to.

They also like to help out around the home. They all help with the jobs that need to be done, such as laying and clearing the table, putting their laundry away and keeping their rooms tidy. They particularly enjoy helping with food shopping so they can help choose what they have to eat and they all  love doing some cooking.

In the evenings they enjoy meeting up with friends at dances and evening clubs or going out for meals or the cinema. Again we offer support and transport if people need it.

We always welcome visits from friends and family and tend to have a lot of visitors to the home. Resident’s families will often join us at BBQs in the summer and various parties during the year. Our residents also love inviting their friends round for BBQs or for a meal or to join us for a trip out.

When we have a vacant room we offer it for respite visitors. We all love meeting new people and giving them a short break here. Our home is close to the sea and beach and we enjoy taking people out and giving them a good time while they are here for their break with us.

We work closely with care managers and other professional people such as the dentist or chiropodist if there are any worries about health. We will also make sure people can get to their appointments and be there with them if they want us to.

We either have a holiday or have a lot of extra days out during the summer, depending on what our residents choose that year. Our holidays have been to holiday camps, on barges, caravans or country cottages. Where we stay often depends on how well people are able to walk or get around as we need to make sure they are comfortable and safe for the holiday. We then go out for days from that holiday base.

If it is decided to go on days out from home we all look for places to go. We have been to London a number of times to see various things. We also go to zoos, theatre trips (often in London again), We have visited Harry Potter studio tour, river boat trips, steam train rides, visits to castles…this list goes on as the residents always come up with something new!

We encourage people to do as much for themselves as they are able, but are always here to offer a helping hand when needed. Being such a small home we get to know the residents very well and its tends to feel rather like a large family setting. It also means we can usually be flexible if people have specific health or care needs as we do not have set staff rotas. We work to suit what the residents want.

Our aim is for people to lead happy and healthy lives while they are here with us.

Please do contact us if you want to find out whether or not we have any vacant respite places.

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Last Updated: 27th November, 2019

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