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Beat It Percussion CIC

Beat It Percussion CIC was set up in 2013 to provide hands-on music making activities for groups of people, primarily those groups in the community where extra support is needed. We use drumming and rhythm to create a supportive group environment where people can make friends, explore different ways of communicating, and have fun.

In March 2016 we won a Big Lottery People’s Project after a successful campaign to get people to vote for us. This has enabled us to set up a brand new project creating regular drop-in sessions for people who are living with dementia and their carers to come and meet others in a similar situation and experience the enjoyment of playing drums together. Having piloted this concept across Herefordshire and Worcestershire over the last two years, we know that our activities are effective and that they offer real, measurable benefits to the people taking part, including the carers and staff who support the sessions.

We not only work with people who have dementia. Special schools are always great environments for us to work in, and we have lots of experience working with people who have learning difficulties and other disabilities of all ages. Recently we have started to become involved in inter-generational work where children are introduced to older people, and we use drumming as a way of connecting people. No words or English language are needed to drum together, making this a powerful communication tool to connect diverse groups of people.

Business team collaboration activities and private bookings are always of interest, please contact us with your questions.We do not provide a set package but work with each individual customer to provide a bespoke service built around the customer’s needs and desired outcomes.

We are also currently recruiting volunteers.

Please contact us to find out more.


Address Herefordshire
Also working in Worcestershire, Wales and the South West
Phone 07875 090946
Email beatitpercussion@gmail.com
Facebook facebook.com/beatitpercussion
Twitter @beat_it
Website www.beatitpercussion.co.uk
Keywords Drumming, dementia, learning disabilities, groups, community, music workshops, community drumming, group activities, business team collaboration, volunteering
Categories Arts including music, drama, craft and art, Education, training and learning, Health and wellbeing including therapies, Socialising, companionship and friendship, Support for carers, Work or volunteering

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