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Being, with Guy

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In 2009 I deployed to Afghanistan with the 4th Battalion the Rifles at the age of 19. My job involved not only advancing to enemy positions to fight on the ground but also, to search and clear a safe lane for my colleagues behind me. On the 25th of February 2010, I was watching as my friend was shot dead in a fierce ambush, sprung by the Taliban.

Why start with this small story?

Because since then I have been on a quest to resolve my fear of death. At first, my journey was turbulent, but after 4 years of getting it wrong, I ended up at University studying Psychology and Counselling BSc. I managed to drop my “PTSD” diagnosis and I began to see life in a new way. I resolved my end of life anxiety, something which had been with me for 8 years. In the process of healing my self-esteem also started to improve. I started reading spiritual texts because they gave me adequate language to describe my journey.

Now, 3 years on, and making slow progress with my dissertation (my final piece of work to graduate) I am wishing to make contact with people who need care in their homes. I would love the opportunity to work for people who are nearing the end of their lives, and trade stories and insights. I feel as though I could be a very present, calming and loving person to have around in those final years, months and days. My discussion does not need to involve any spiritual jargon; for me, spirituality is found in science, some people just wish to hear it through research.

I also wish to help with the elderly who have become isolated. I can provide basic care around a day – outings are my favourite – or cosy days in. I am someone who wishes to create and develop a lasting friendships with the people I meet. I once started a job in sales where I had to visit the elderly – after 2 weeks I quit without making a single sale, but I had made over a dozen friends. I find the eternal child in the elderly, the love that never ages, and it is a blessing to be able to sit with the minds of my elders and I wish to be of service in exchange for that wisdom.

Lastly, I also work for people who find it difficult to concentrate. People who struggle with self-organisation and the acquisition of organisational skills. I work for people who have low self esteem, who become easily dysregulated by the energy of others (peers, family, friends etc). I learnt this skill through enduring the pandemic whilst in my studies; they became increasingly difficult as the course involves a lot of thought-provoking content that challenges the self-concept. I have my own school of thought in this way, and the skills I have learnt teach students (clients) to understand the self-narrative. To create self-structure. To learn how to regulate one’s emotions, and subsequently improve their relationships with the people around them. This is great for both young persons and adults who are in academia or business environments, especially those who have lost motivation and have become isolated in their despair.

Whilst that all sounded rather long-winded and humourless, I am known for my quick wit, cheekiness and positive attitude in life. People do not escape me without feeling somewhat lighter – and I worked very hard on myself so that I can share that skill with others – it rubs off – just you watch.

I am based in Staplegrove, Taunton.

Keywords: Care, counselling, end-of-life-care, learning disabilities, holistic therapy, meditation, psychology,

Last Updated: 20th December, 2021

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