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CareCalls provides medication reminders and welfare checks via landline or mobile.

CareCalls delivers reminders and check-ins via landline or mobile.  We can deliver as many phone calls as are needed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  When a call is answered we play a message reminding the listener to do important tasks, such as taking medication.  If they don’t answer the phone at any time, other people can be informed.



Many of our customers are still at a stage where they still greatly value independence, while family members or carers may visit in order to help, it can be irritating (and potentially expensive) to have someone constantly monitoring you.

Improved or maintained health & quality of life

Through compliance with pill or medication prescriptions.
CareCalls are consistently provided with feedback that the system massively reduces the amount of medication or pills forgotten.  If someone is forgetting an important task e.g. forgetting to hydrate, they may be experiencing a compromised quality of life.  CareCalls can be personalised to remind call receivers of any household task.

Dangerous situations.

If someone has a fall or blackout, a regular CareCall is able to alert a neighbour, family member or carer.  We are frequently alerted of situations where an individual has had an accident at home and it was brought to attention by a missed CareCall. Through addressing these situations quickly, call receivers have been saved from more serious circumstances.


Below is a summary of all of the key features of CareCalls, along with links to articles that explain that feature in more detail.

  • As many calls as are needed 24/7.
  • Deliver to whole of UK (not inc Ireland) and USA.
  • Personalised messages can instruct precisely what needs to be done at each point throughout the day.
  • Personalised messages can be recorded by a loved one, or a member of CareCalls.
  • Up to 3 alerts can go out if a call is not answered after a couple of attempts, alerts can be received by text, phone or email.
  • Time between attempted calls is 10 minutes by default but can be extended or shorted.
  • Ring time is set to 20 seconds by default, we can shorten or extend this as desired.
  • 9am – 9pm Customer service.
  • Easy to pause, edit or cancel calls.
  • Comes with a 30 day free trial after which CareCalls is £12 a month.




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Last Updated: 4th March, 2022

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Contract with Hampshire & Argenti

Deliver reminder & check-in phone calls in partnership with Argenti telecare who provide Telecare for Hampshire.

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