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My Bright Space

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I’d like to introduce my small business called My Bright Space, which I established in early 2021 after leaving the corporate world, driven by the desired to be involved in a more human focused vocation.

I offer a range of services within the Banbury (and surrounding villages) area, including in-home services, such as PA work, social engagement and other well-being support such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness and relaxation.

Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful in the treatment of stress and general tension, but is also known to be extremely useful in supporting people with many other conditions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, confidence, weight management, phobias, habit breaking (such as nail biting, smoking etc.), public speaking, grief, PTSD, pain management and more.

Hypnotherapy can help those who’ve put up with unwanted conditions for decades as well as treating new conditions. Some people are more receptive so results vary from person to person but the positive effects are well documented and many people have made positive life changes as a result of undertaking hypnotherapy treatment.

While the PA/care side of my business are at full capacity, I do have time available within my hypnotherapy & well-being therapy service business (mindfulness/meditation/relaxation). I can come to clients houses or they can come to me – I work in private practice which is partly based within my home treatment room and within a therapy centre in Deddington, so there is flexibility in where the treatments can take place.

I am certified, fully trained in my areas of expertise, I have a basic DBS, I’m a full member of the National¬† Hypnotherapy Society and am fully ensured for all aspects of the services my Bright Space offers.

Thank you for reading about my services and I hope to meet you soon!

Keywords: hypnotherapy relaxation mindfulness stress anxiety weight loss PTSD Habits self esteem confidence motivation phobia smoking nail biting public speaking exam pressure

Last Updated: 23rd December, 2021

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  • owner/manager
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National Hypnotherapy Society registry
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Chrysalis Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills - Cert HYP CR
National Hypnotherapy Society - Full Membership
Bachelor Degree (unrelated / Bach.Bus)

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