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Pepup Health – Quality Care – for Health and Wellbeing

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My name is Susan and I live in York.  Friends and acquaintances say that I am kind and have a compassionate heart and I am a good listener – so when I meet a client, young or old,  helping you to build trust and confidence with everyday activities is important to me; and being with someone who is considerate and respectful to your needs, you’ll find my service for you will be at a pace which suits you.  I can assure you that the time I spend with you, will be relaxing, calm, thoughtful and caring (non intrusive).  So, I will ensure every opportunity is made to keep you safe and free from any falls or injury.  My hope whilst I am with you is that I am able to show you a few other recognised health options and some alternatives (some little known) of which many people are unaware; following advanced training knowledge and skills. So after each visit – you’ll enjoy some benefit (no matter how small), like more energy, less tired, increased mobility, feeling calm, more motivation, and satisfaction that practical tasks have been done which you may not be able to do  yourself. Or, maybe you are feeling there is a healthier outlook in sight? or, feel like have a nutritious tasty meal? or  help to relieve pain/pain free? or safe exercise for increasing mobility? or even be inspired to learn something new?

Whatever it is we are here to help you improve all aspects of your health and can reassure all clients whom we serve – that if you are willing to make a few changes to your lifestyle – we can show you how you can benefit to enjoy more out of life and at the same time, enjoy feeling well.  Staying well isn’t easy as we grow older, but we can make plans for ‘self-care’ and with a little help and understanding a personal health plan will greatly help you enjoy more out of life for the future.

‘Pepup-Health’ – is different – how to overcome today’s challenges with a can-do approach. Everything we do together has one simple goal – to help you live your life to the full, free from the pains and niggles – often common as we each grow older.
So, whether you are new to exercise, need rehabilitation help, or just a successful plan to shed a few pounds. I will tailor a health and fitness programme which is precisely right for you.


Keywords: Skilled - Alternative Health - Skilled - quality care - mobility support - rehabilitation support - dietary plans - weight loss - fitness plan - exercise for mobility - pain relief

Last Updated: 27th April, 2023

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Pepup Health? Top quality health care assistance for enjoying a healthy lifestyle

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Register of Exercise Professionals
Master Trainer / Cert.Exercise Specialist
Cert. Nutritional Coach
Cert.Motivational Coach
CITD - Cert. Institute of Training and Development

I have been through the Community Catalysts programme in York - 01/12/2020 Community Catalysts runs a local development programme in the area where this entrepreneur is operating that offers help, advice and support to local people. As part of this programme this enterprise/venture has signed up to the Doing It Right Standards. This does not mean that they have been accredited or approved in any way by the local council or by Community Catalysts and people should continue to do their own checks.

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