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Tennis2Be are a London based sport (tennis) and education charity which aims to make tennis an accessible, inclusive and diverse sport to children and disabled players. They encompass over 20 ethnic groups, with 450+ recorded tennis sessions, strong community and tennis links. They actively encourage partnerships with local schools and organisations  and are  based in South East London.

Tennis2Be offer a range of regular inclusive tennis playing sessions and hold annual tennis tournaments such as the 4th Annual Craic Cup on 17 June http://www.tennis2be.com/tennis2be-craic-cup-2017 We are currently recruiting local volunteers with many event organisational roles available for this event. This event is renown to cater for tennis at 7 different levels, laughter, healthy competition, socialising, new friendships and much more. Video: Craic Cup ’16

We’re deeply committed to ensuring tennis can be enjoyed by a very broad range of people, including people with a physical or learning disability, refugees, and people who might be marginalised for other reasons.

Our weekly tennis sessions include beginners, disabled tennis, high and intermediate levels, free (donations) day time tennis and children’s sessions.  Our new proposed venues will enable us to offer an additional 20-30 hours of tennis programmes. Our work experience programmes which combine tennis for young adults (14-25 years) is also very popular whilst addressing one of Sport England’s key strategic Outcomes of – ‘’Growth in participation of people (aged 14+) with a disability’’

A big part of the work of Tennis2Be is interacting with local communities, grass roots groups and local partners with an emphasis on the positive points of getting involved from the perspective of well-being and social engagement.  Extensive local links and partnerships have been made and new avenues are always being proactively explored.  Our open door policy and realisation that we are strength in numbers allows us to welcome suggestions about ways of making tennis a more inclusive sport.

The proven outcomes of our work include the alleviation of depression and isolation education and volunteer opportunities to at least 12 young people and adults, challenging sedentary lifestyles with more healthy and social lifestyles, increased community participation and the advancement of personal growth,  discipline acquired within playing a sport like tennis and most importantly our education programmes for children and adults including literacy, numeracy, bookkeeping skills and more.

Part sourced from blog written by:

Tracy Ahern, Small Good Stuff , January 2017 @CommCats



Address Arch 505 Ridgway Road
Loughborough Junction
Phone 0752 781 3079
Email info@tennis2be.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/tennis2be
Twitter @tennis2be
Website www.tennis2be.com
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Quality recognition and indicator awards

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Contract with Southwark Council
Disclosure and barring check: for owner/manager
for all workers (in eligible roles)
for all volunteers (in eligible roles)
Kite or quality mark: Runner up Westminster volunteer awards
Accreditation with StreetGames
Selected as Davies Coach for 2016
Nominated for Southwark Stars Award
Award or recognition: Working in partnership with local providers and councils.
High profile patrons on board including one with an OBE.
Social Enterprise Mark: Yes