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The A.R.C. Adult Resource Centre for Adults 19+ with Special Needs in Thurrock

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The Adult Resource Centre 19+ with special needs Thurrock logo

I launched The A.R.C. Adult Resource Centre for local adults 19+ with special needs In July 2017.

The group is a ‘social meeting’ environment and we ask that each adult with special needs who attends is accompanied by their own P.A./carer/parent who is solely responsible for them whilst at the A.R.C.

That the group has grown in such a small amount of time, confirms the lack of resources for adults 19+ with special needs.

It has a fab, relaxed feel to it.  Julie Willers, sets a ‘project’ for each Friday we meet, and Jill Maloney and Anne Livermore are our lovely refreshment ladies and help on the day.

Please take a look at our website, and any questions please let me know.

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Last Updated: 12th May, 2018

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