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Hi, I am Adrian and I am a self-employed photographer who has seen and experienced both personally and professionally how photography has incredible benefits to mental health and well being as well as providing a sense of achievement and confidence. As such I specialise in photography for well being rather than spending hours trying to get the perfect photo!

Indeed I passionately believe there is no such thing as a bad photo. If you took it and like it, if it reminds you of a special place or moment, that is what makes it good.

But I never started this way. In fact I spent 30 years in the police, then time in ministry before I was found to have a total lack of self worth and was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Photography allowed me to explore myself and helped me in ways nothing else could.

So, having seen its ability to give confidence, overcome hurdles and change my life I am now passionate about sharing this with others, to share what helped me.

You wont find great lists of written qualifications after my name. My greatest and most valuable one has been my life experience, story and passion.

I am was already a tutor and trainer before I turned my passion to my job and have a wealth of experience working with adults with learning disabilities, young people and some with mental health, including running photography for well being walks for nearly five years.

My costs are low, not because if their value, but because of my desire to help others in the way photography and a listening ear helped me.



Languages: ENGLISH

Keywords: Photography, well being, mental health, learning, disabilities, difficulties, empowerment, confidence, courses, activity, creativity

Last Updated: 13th February, 2024

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