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Small grants awarded to some amazing community minded folks

We at Community Catalysts are passionate about helping local people to help and care for other local people. As part of this passion we established Small Good Stuff which is a place where tiny community enterprises with a social care or support focus can publicise their services, link with peers and get help and information.

We also know that sometimes a small amount of money and a bit of tailored advice and support can make a huge amount of difference to these tiny community organisations or initiatives. We’re not a big or well-resourced organisation but we wanted to do what we could to offer this kind of help. So we set aside some of our hard earned cash to give away in small grants of up to £500. As well as the money, each grant winner was also offered access to some tailored help and advice and free Premium Membership of Small Good Stuff for a year. Premium Membership brings with it access to all sorts of resources including template policies and procedures, on-line training materials and much more.

We are really excited about the 8 organisations who gained a grant in the first round of these awards. All of them are supporting people in very different ways and nearly all are led by people with their own lived experience.

Comments from grant recipients include

‘We must thank Small Good Stuff for kindly distributing small bits of dosh to tiny community groups like ours who so often lose out to bigger beasts’

‘Your form was breeze, no jargon or long words and the team were able to answer in their own way and own words!’

‘Thank you for this amazing opportunity to help the future of our organisation’

We are really looking forward to working with such small good stuff over the coming months! The second round of our small grants programme has recently come to an end so we hope to be able to share some more stories of amazing community-minded folks very soon.

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