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Spice Time Credits impact report

Spice have launched their 2016 impact report “Positive Change in Challenging Times: How Spice Time Credits are creating system change”.

Spice are a social enterprise who develop and run time-based community currency systems through a number of different local projects in different parts of the UK.

Time Credit systems work on a simple hour-for-hour basis: for every hour you give to your community you earn one Time Credit, which you can then spend on an activity of your choice.  You can give time in ways that match your skills and interests, and spend your Time Credits with Spice’s diverse range of partners across the UK who offer everything from swimming to learning a language.

The 2016 impact report demonstrates how Spice Time Credits are supporting the sustainability of communities and public services across England and Wales.  These results show significant impact for an individual’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. In addition, for organisations it shows that Time Credits are improving organisational sustainability and increasing the quality of services.

Please click here to find out more and click here to download the report.

Posted on 7th July 2016 in Reports and articles