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Spotlight on: House Angels

Supporting a community enterprise

Kim and Caroline recently set up House Angels – a community enterprise specialising in decluttering – but were finding it difficult get known across their local area in Norfolk.



“Setting up a small enterprise is a very daunting thing to do, especially if like us you are new to an area and your contacts are limited.  We were struggling to make much progress and getting quite despondent when out of the blue we received a phone call from Community Catalysts, offering support.” Kim Lake, Decluttering Specialist at House Angels

Through Community Catalysts’ mentoring programme, House Angels were able to get the right help and expertise to grow their community enterprise.

“Not only have you provided us with unlimited support, resources, information and practical help that has been invaluable to us and our business but you have also aided us in so many other ways too. You have helped us to build our confidence, not only in ourselves but in our services too. You have also helped to raise our profile and introduce us to an invaluable list of contacts that we would not have been able to build on our own.” Kim Lake, Decluttering Specialist at House Angels

Developing a community enterprise to be proud of

Community Catalysts also supported House Angels to set their own boundaries and think about longer term planning.

“You have kept us going through the difficult times, especially throughout the pandemic, when we could not see a way forward and felt like giving up.  You have helped us to be brave enough to focus on what we want to do (and don’t do) and to look at ways in which we can improve and develop the services that we provide to our clients so we can now say at last we have a business that we are proud of.” Kim Lake, Decluttering Specialist at House Angels

Everyone who completes the Community Catalysts’ programme is signed off on our ‘Doing it Right Standards’ to ensure they’re offering safe, legal and high-quality support.

Joining a network of community enterprise leaders

Community Catalysts linked House Angels with other community enterprise leaders from across Norfolk who had also been through our mentoring programme.

“Another aspect that has been fantastic is the support that we get from the other members. They are a great group of like-minded people and it has been fantastic to be able to ask them for advice or guidance if we are unsure of something or to be able to refer our clients to them if they need an additional service from the one we provide ourselves.  We are able to do this with confidence knowing that everyone else in the group has also signed up to the ‘Doing it Right Standards’!” Kim Lake, Decluttering Specialist at House Angels

By supporting community enterprises and nurturing the conditions to help them thrive we can help to keep jobs local, strengthen local economies and increase the choice and flexibility of care and support options.

Kim talks about how House Angels helps their local community

“You have made me feel human again” – House Angels customer

Caroline talks about what she enjoys about working at House Angels

“The thing I like most is chatting to people, finding out about their life so we know the best way to help them” – Caroline


Posted on 19th August 2021 in Community enterprise