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The Buzz – 6 months on and over 100 activities!

Back in May, at the start of the Covid lockdown, we launched The Buzz as a way to help support people to stay active and inspired through what we thought would be a short, temporary disruption to the ‘normal’.

However, as things evolved it became clear that the temporary stand-in we’d created had become a useful resource and was serving a purpose for people far beyond what we imagined…and so The Buzz grew from being a short-term stop gap into a 6-month project.

Over that time, we have shared as many as 104 videos with accessible and inclusive ideas on things to do at home including…

  • 21 art activities
  • 20 dance videos
  • 18 exercise sessions
  • 15 cooking tutorials
  • 6 music videos
  • 5 writing tasks
  • 6 learning activities
  • 6 ways to relax
  • 3 games
  • and 1 nature video where we learned how to make a frog pond for the garden!

The varied scope of things on offer has created a fun and vibrant community, with ideas and activities to cater for a range of interests….

…like baking fairy cakes with ArtWorks:

…And a lovely reflective ‘Be Proud’ poem from Pulp Friction:

All the videos have been created by some of the truly fantastic community enterprises who have been supported by Community Catalysts across the country.

Including people like Pulp FrictionArt WorksFunky Fitness & FunLeaf Creative ArtsDance4USocial EyesImagination ArtsImpact4LifeSpace Inclusive and lots more…!

We want to say a huge thank you to all the enterprises who have got stuck in and made all the amazing videos to keep us busy….

…including mindful doodling with Creative Active Lives

The ability of the community enterprises to adapt to this challenging time and learn the new skills needed to create these virtual versions of the great things they do has been remarkable – we take our hats off to you!

We won’t be adding any new videos for a little while so that all the enterprises can focus on other aspects of what they do. However, we are planning to return for a special edition series…so watch this space in December!

All the resources that have been shared will remain up for people to access, both on the website and on our Facebook group where you can still join the group and watch all the videos that have been shared so far.

Posted on 3rd November 2020 in Community Catalysts, Community enterprise, Events

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