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Watch Panorama on 29th May & 5th June to find out about the ‘Crisis in Care’ and how the micro-provider model can help!

BBC Panorama are featuring the ‘crisis’ in social care across 2 programmes, one which airs tonight and the other on 5th June. Much of the filming is based in Somerset and Rhys Davies from Community Catalysts has been involved along with local community enterprises.

The progammes form a powerful documentary that shows the reality for families who are struggling to navigate the system and a system that is struggling to meet its legal obligations. They aim to show the impact of austerity and the lack of political attention paid to social care.

The second part of the documentary (shown on the 5th June) refers to the development of ‘micro-providers’ and features Jill Kemp who speaks brilliantly about micro-providers, how they differ from agencies, why she does it and how they can make a difference. The documentary also shows Jill visiting the families she supports and highlights the positive impact that this proven model of micro-enterprise is having in Somerset.  You can view a preview of the programme here.

Posted on 29th May 2019 in Reports and articles