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Woodroffe Benton Foundation – charity funding

The Woodroffe Benton Foundation is an independent grant making foundation for charities operating in the UK offering one off grants in the range £500 to £2,500.

Categories for awards include:

a) Relief of Hardship
b) Care for the Elderly
c) Education & Youth Development
d) Environment & Conservation
e) Human physical well-being

Within these categories, the trustees do not usually make grants for:

  • Organisations without a Charity Commission registration.
  • Organisations that have been operating for less than 24 months and therefore do not have at least one full set of Accounts.
  • Organisations that operate primarily outside the UK or for the benefit of non-UK residents.
  • Places of worship seeking funds for restoration or upgrade of facilities.
  • Museums, historical or heritage organisations.
  • Funding of palliative care.
  • Animal welfare organisations whose primary purpose is not conservation of the environment except for those that help the survival of wild species in the UK.
  • Students requesting a grant for tertiary education or a gap year.
  • Educational organisations based outside the Derbyshire region – although the trustees may choose to do so.
  • Bodies affiliated to or a local “branch” of a national organisation, unless they have a separate charitable number and receive no financial support from the national charity. Applicants will be asked to make a declaration confirming this when they complete our on-line application form.

Find out more and apply here

Deadline for applications: 22nd May 2019


Posted on 9th May 2019 in Funding and awards